Waste Industry Waste Transfer Application

Feb 13 2022

Here at Stop'N'Go we’re passionate about preventing accidents, especially in the waste sector. We’ve created our range of gloves to do just that.  

We know that one of the areas where companies and organisations in the waste management sector struggle most to minimise risk is during reversing and manoeuvring vehicles and plant. This is especially true for organisations that undertake waste transfer activities. 

Coordinating vehicle and pedestrian traffic at transfer stations and reclamation facilities can be problematic, confusing and sometimes nigh on impossible! 

The operatives on these sites need gloves that: 

  • Offer flexibility and dexterity for everyday handling tasks.
  • Provide a strong and reliable grip for all the day-to-day tasks that are required outside of directing traffic/vehicles.
  • Are durable and hard-wearing so that the organisation/team can increase glove lifetimes and decrease budgets.
  • Provide workers with year-round protection and comfort. Workers on these sites are often exposed to the elements. 

If you run a waste transfer operation or are responsible for the safety at a site that’s involved in waste transfer activities you could try one these models from the Stop'N'Go range:  

GO-X B Palm Coated Handling Gloves – Offers dexterity, comfort and excellent grip.  With a breathable back this glove is ideal for low-risk handling operations in the summer months. 

GO-X B Fully Coated Handling Gloves – These build on the GO-X B Palm model and offer water resistance in addition to superior dexterity and glove lifetime.  Ideal for the wet months. 

GO-N 1 Palm Coated Handling Gloves – A lightweight and comfortable glove that’s ideal for warmer weather.  You’ll hardly know you’re wearing a glove!! 

If you want to set up a trial then give us a shout on 01443 743398 or email us at enquiries@stop-n-go.co.uk.  Alternatively, you could fill out our Sample Request Form and we’ll get in touch to get your trial underway.