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Stop'N'Go Safety Gloves: Communicate Clearer

30% of fatal accidents in the recycling sector occur with reversing vehicles and we wanted a solution. The signals given to drivers by the banksmen or reversing assistants simply weren't clear enough; the black coating on the palm of the gloves they were wearing was confusing the driver.

How could we make this clear? Stop'N'Go!

We want you to see for yourself the benefits of clearer communication on your sites and in your collection rounds. Request a sample pack of our Stop'N'Go safety gloves to join the campaign to communicate clearer as a user or distributor today.

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Quality Assured by the Industry

We’ve built the Stop'N'Go safety glove range on user trials and feedback. That’s why we believe your workforce will love it! Check out our testimonials to see why we and our customers are so confident in the Stop'N'Go range.

Stop'N'Go Distributors

You can get your hands on a pair of our safety gloves by going direct to our distributors. If you think your business would make a great Stop'N'Go distributor then please apply below.


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Want to know more about our Stop'N'Go safety gloves. We've collected a range of case studies, blogs and videos in our Knowledge Zone.