Combating the Cold with Stop'N'Go

Oct 26 2021

Our customers work in a wide variety of conditions with different requirements for their workforces comfort and ongoing productivity.

One common problem for workforces that work outside (like waste collections, constructions sites or civil engineering projects) is protection from cold and wet conditions.

That’s why, as we approach the winter season of 2021/22 we’re launching the Go-XT D Fully Coated Crinkle Latex Thermal Glove.

Designed to offer users cut resistance, water resistant comfort and protection from cold conditions.  This is combined with durability, flexibility and superlative grip in wet conditions.

Wet Stop'N'Go Glove in use in Waste Collection role

To make sure that this glove offers the best protection against cold conditions we’ve certified it to EN511:2006 – Protective Gloves Against Cold.

EN511 measures gloves on 3 different criteria

Protection against convective cold - This is a measure of a glove’s insulative performance.  It provides an indication of a glove’s performance in generally cold conditions.  The rating is a score of between 1 and 4 with 4 offering the most protection.

Protection against contact cold - This rating is very similar to the convective rating in terms of an indication of general protection.  It is measured on the transfer of heat when the glove is in contact with a cold surface.  Again the rating is between 1 and 4 with 4 being the best performance.

Permeability to water - A glove that has no permeability is a much higher standard than what is generally referred to in the industry as water resistant or waterproof.  This focuses on water penetration into the glove and is a pass/fail score.  Gloves that are not tested are given an X with a score of 0 being a failure and 1 a pass.

You can use the below table to work what rating you need in your gloves. 

EN511 Performance Level Table

The Go-XT D glove is rated to X21 under the EN511 standard so it can be used in conditions as cold as 0 degrees centigrade when undertaking tasks of medium exertion and -30 degrees centigrade with tasks of high exertion. It also has no permeability to water.

If you want to trial the Go-XT D glove in your workplace then give us a call on 01443 743398 or email

Alternatively you can request a sample and we’ll get in touch directly to arrange a trial.