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We Recommend - 'AD' Waste Processing

Jun 15 2022

An important part of the waste & recycling process is what happens to materials that are biodegradable (like food or garden waste). 

This waste is processed using a method called “Anaerobic Digestion” (or “AD”).  This method can either be run on its own (on a dedicated site) or as a part of a wider recycling process that deals with multiple waste streams. 

How Important is Communication to Culture? 

Jun 8 2022

Communication is something we all do and use every day. It’s crucial to getting just about anything done. 

But when communication is unclear, it can lead to misunderstanding, and can be a leading cause of accidents on site.

So, what can be done? Read on to find out more.

We Recommend - Picking Lines

May 4 2022

Companies who process waste for recycling and ultimate disposal will regularly operate some variation of a “picking line” as part of their overall reclamation/recycling system. 

What’s In A Rating? Meaning Of Different Cut Ratings

Apr 21 2022

Ratings of hand protection provided by safety standards are used widely by Health & Safety Managers to specify what gloves they need for their operatives. 

The most common standard used is “BSI EN388:2016+A1:2018 - Protective gloves against mechanical risks” (more commonly referred to as EN388). 

You can see our full explanation of the standard here. 

Our Eco Responsible Choices

Apr 12 2022

Sustainability is an important factor in running a business in the modern age.  It is now more important than ever for businesses to make friendly choices to reduce their carbon footprint, lower their energy consumption, and become more energy efficient.

Keeping The Status Quo

Apr 12 2022

For many companies specifying and sourcing protective equipment can be very time consuming and more often than not it is much more efficient for managers to leave their glove selection as it is. 

The 3 Main Types of Domestic Waste Collection

Mar 31 2022

There are 3 main types of domestic waste collection, bag collection, kerbside sorting and bin collection. 

The Real Cost of Hand Protection

Mar 21 2022

Many corporations and organisations view the cost of their hand protection as a unit price or budget line.  For them the cost is simply what they pay for the gloves, the lower the better. 
This approach would suggest that they are going to effectively manage their budgets and bring their spend down over time.

Only quite often, the reverse is actually true. 

Waste Industry Waste Transfer Application

Feb 13 2022

Here at Stop'N'Go we’re passionate about preventing accidents, especially in the waste sector. 
We’ve created our range of gloves to do just that.  We know that one of areas where companies and organisations struggle most to minimise risk is during reversing and manoeuvring vehicles and plant. 

Waste Industry Pre-Sort Application

Jan 31 2022 | Obe

Organisations who operate picking lines as part of a materials reclamation operation face a vast range of risks and must consider a lot when choosing protective equipment for their employees. 

Why Does Poor Protection Matter?

Jan 21 2022

Poor protection can have some really serious impacts.  These can affect companies and operatives.  In this piece we're looking at what can happen to organisations when their operatives are given poor protective equipment.

What Makes Us Special?

Jan 14 2022

The safety glove market is massive!  Like, really huge....That makes it confusing and difficult for users to choose between brands and find the products they need, so we put this summary of Stop'N'Go together.

How Do Teams End Up With Poor Protective Equipment?

Jan 7 2022

Protective equipment is a really important part of making sure your team is safe and secure whilst carrying out their tasks.  When they're using good quality kit they're protected and comfortable, however poor quality can lead to accidents or, more often, make accidents worse than they could be.  Why do companies end up providing poor quality kit and how can it be avoided??

WE RECOMMEND: Kerbside Sorting

Dec 10 2021

In our latest WE RECOMMEND blog we cover the requirements of kerbside sorting waste collection rounds.

WE RECOMMEND: Bag Collection Rounds

Dec 3 2021

This the first installment in our WE RECOMMEND series.  This time we're looking at what gloves operatives and companies who run bag collection rounds need.

Cardiff Council - Using Stop'N'Go in Domestic Waste Collections

Nov 26 2021

Case Study: Cardiff Council uses the Stop'N'Go range in their municipal collections of rubbish bins and recycling bags

Stop'N'Go's CUTTING Edge Technologies

Nov 26 2021

Cut risks are a serious consideration for Health & Safety Managers and Contract Managers in the Waste & Recycling industry.  That's why we've developed a range of gloves that offers companies a complete range of protective solutions.  Read on to find out more......

Do Your Work Gloves WORK?

Nov 19 2021

Find out how we make sure our Stop'N'GO gloves are fit for use in the workplace.

Getting a Grip with Stop'N'Go

Nov 9 2021

We've designed our range of gloves to work well in our customer's environments.  A hug part of this is the grip and tactility they offer users.  Read on to find out what we've developed.

RWM Exhibition 2021

Nov 2 2021

We recently launched the new and improved Stop'N'Go range at the RWM21 exhibition.  Here's our review of this great event.

Combating the Cold with Stop'N'Go

Oct 26 2021

We've just released a new glove certified to EN511 for it's thermal protective qualities.  What does this standard mean in terms of protection and performance??

Why We're So Confident......

Oct 19 2021

We're very confident in the Stop'N'Go range and how it can help our customers.  Read on to find out why.....

SUEZ recycling & recovery UK

Sep 3 2021

Case Study: SUEZ extensive trials and evaluation of the Stop'N'Go range.

EN388 Explanation

Sep 3 2021

EN388 certifies gloves against abrasion, cut, tear, puncture, and impact risks.


Sep 3 2021

There is a scientific reason why red and green have been universal colours for Stop'N'Go...

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