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What makes us special??

Jan 14 2022

The safety glove market is massive!  Like, really huge....That makes it confusing and difficult for users to choose between brands and find the products they need, so we put this summary of Stop'N'Go together.

How do teams end up with poor protective equipment?

Jan 7 2022

Protective equipment is a really important part of making sure your team is safe and secure whilst carrying out their tasks.  When they're using good quality kit they're protected and comfortable, however poor quality can lead to accidents or, more often, make accidents worse than they could be.  Why do companies end up providing poor quality kit and how can it be avoided??

WE RECOMMEND: Kerbside Sorting

Dec 10 2021

In our latest WE RECOMMEND blog we cover the requirements of kerbside sorting waste collection rounds.

WE RECOMMEND: Bag Collection Rounds

Dec 3 2021

This the first installment in our WE RECOMMEND series.  This time we're looking at what gloves operatives and companies who run bag collection rounds need.

Cardiff Council - Using Stop'N'Go in Domestic Waste Collections

Nov 26 2021

Case Study: Cardiff Council uses the Stop'N'Go range in their municipal collections of rubbish bins and recycling bags

Stop'N'Go's CUTTING Edge Technologies

Nov 26 2021

Cut risks are a serious consideration for Health & Safety Managers and Contract Managers in the Waste & Recycling industry.  That's why we've developed a range of gloves that offers companies a complete range of protective solutions.  Read on to find out more......

Do your work gloves WORK?

Nov 19 2021

FInd out how we make sure our Stop'N'GO gloves are fit for use in the workplace.

Getting a Grip with Stop'N'Go

Nov 9 2021

We've designed our range of gloves to work well in our customer's environments.  A hug part of this is the grip and tactility they offer users.  Read on to find out what we've developed.

RWM Exhibition 2021

Nov 2 2021

We recently launched the new and improved Stop'N'Go range at the RWM21 exhibition.  Here's our review of this great event.

Combating the Cold with Stop'N'Go

Oct 26 2021

We've just released a new glove certified to EN511 for it's thermal protective qualities.  What does this standard mean in terms of protection and performance??

Why we're so confident......

Oct 19 2021

We're very confident in the Stop'N'Go range and how it can help our customers.  Read on to find out why.....

SUEZ recycling & recovery UK

Sep 3 2021

Case Study: SUEZ extensive trials and evaluation of the Stop'N'Go range.

EN388 Explanation

Sep 3 2021

EN388 certifies gloves against abrasion, cut, tear, puncture, and impact risks.


Sep 3 2021

There is a scientific reason why red and green have been universal colours for Stop'N'Go...

The statistics behind Stop'N'Go

Sep 3 2021

The statistics show a massive issue in the waste sector...

The Stop'N'Go Story

Sep 1 2021

Read about the story of Stop'N'Go Gloves.