We Recommend - 'AD' Waste Processing

Jun 15 2022

We Recommend - 'AD' Waste Processing

An important part of the waste & recycling process is what happens to materials that are biodegradable (like food or garden waste). 

This waste is processed using a method called “Anaerobic Digestion” (or “AD”).  This method can either be run on its own (on a dedicated site) or as a part of a wider recycling process that deals with multiple waste streams. 

AD is a method of speeding up the natural decomposition of organic materials.  The outcome of this decomposition is the production of natural gas.  When this happens naturally the production of gas is very gradual and has no discernible effect on our environment.  The purpose of AD is to speed this up and create a scalable energy generation operation. 

The working conditions on AD sites or in the areas where an AD process is being run are very unique and they have some specific requirements for their hand protection: 

  • The workers need breathability and comfort above everything.  AD operations are very hot and stifling. We recommend only considering gloves with an open (breathable) back.
  • Typically, workers won’t need high performing protection against mechanical risks such as cut, abrasion or puncture hazards.
  • Excellent grip in humid and wet conditions will be needed.
  • Due to the humid and dirty conditions gloves will become unusable very quickly; companies will want gloves that are cost effective against their lifetime. 

For operations that run AD processes and want to improve their protection and worker comfort whilst reducing vehicle related accidents and improving safety, we recommend the following gloves: 

  • GO-N 1 Palm Coated Handling Glove – The ultimate lightweight and comfortable glove. This is an ideal option for workers who need general hand protection for everyday tasks on an AD site.  It is also our budget busting glove with excellent value for money being provided to the contracts and sites who use it. 
  • GO-X B Palm Coated Handling Glove – For slightly more durable and comfortable protection we recommend users go with this option. The grip provided is well proven in wet and humid conditions. 
  • GO-X D Palm Coated Cut Resistant Handling Glove – For the cases where high mechanical protection is needed.  This glove acts excellently against cut risks. It also offers the grip and breathability features of the GO-X B Palm gloves. 

If you want to trial any of these solutions and see for yourself the increase in signal visibility, reduction in accidents, and improvement in protection, then fill out our Sample Request Form and we’ll get in touch to set up a workplace trial for you.