How Important is Communication to Culture? 

Jun 8 2022

How Important is Communication to Culture? 

Communication is something we all do and use every day. It’s crucial to getting just about anything done. 

For this reason, it’s something nearly all of us do automatically, without any conscious thought.

Having a conversation with a colleague, sending a text to a friend, receiving an email from a business partner...we do all these things with no second thoughts. 

Communication could also be telling workers how to work safely or even directing a vehicle on your site. 

Again, these are things that for many are ingrained in their daily lives and are part of a routine. 

Just about the only time any of us pay attention to communication is when something goes wrong! When somehow what has been communicated has been misunderstood or mistranslated. 

In many cases this means frustration and inconvenience, annoying but not drastic.... 

On construction sites, recycling plants, and in plant yards, such misunderstanding can be fatal. 

Accidents involving reversing vehicles and pedestrians all too often end tragically. 

What Can Be Done? 

How can this be avoided? How can companies save lives and prevent accidents happening on their watch? 

Making the communication clearer is an absolute must. Making it easy to differentiate between the proceed and STOP signals reduces the potential for mistakes, and more importantly, accidents. 

That’s why at Stop’N’Go we believe that the most important but overlooked part of creating a safe operation in any industry is communication. Communicating is central to achieving anything. Yet we pay so little attention to it. 

Why not join our campaign to “Clear up Communication” today by getting in touch and trialling our range of Stop’N’Go safety gloves? Designed specifically for reversing assistants and banksmen.