Our Eco Responsible Choices

Apr 12 2022

Our Eco Responsible Choices

Sustainability is an important factor in running a business in the modern age.  It is now more important than ever for businesses to make friendly choices to reduce their carbon footprint, lower their energy consumption, and become more energy efficient.

At Stop’N’Go, we want to do our bit to promote sustainability and reduce our environmental impact and energy consumption. 

All our operational processes are accredited to ISO 14001 and have been since our launch in 2017.  A key part of this is our commitment to constantly innovate to reduce our company's carbon footprint and assist with energy conservation. 

Part of our product design process is to consider how we can extend the life span of our gloves in the workplace. By reducing the volume of gloves our customers are using, we supply reduced carbon emissions on each delivery. We achieve this by using sustainable material in our design to include high strength yarns for our liners and durable high-quality polymers in the coatings. 

In addition to this we have removed all plastic packaging in a recent re-design of our packaging. This was in response to feedback from our customers and manufacturing partners to become more energy efficient. 

At Stop'N'Go we are passionate about making changes to assist with conservation efforts for our future generations. As a company we promote for our staff to make small changes to daily life activities to become as energy efficient as possible. 

We also use recycled materials as much as possible and promote recycling, reducing food waste, and using eco-friendly materials as much as possible within our work environment. This is not only beneficial to the planet, but small changes can also have a big impact on energy bills, which is extremely important in the current climate.

If you want to partner with us to improve the environmental impact of your hand protection then give us a shout on 01443 743398