Keeping The Status Quo

Apr 12 2022

Keeping The Status Quo

For many companies specifying and sourcing protective equipment can be very time consuming and more often than not it is much more efficient for managers to leave their glove selection as it is. 

Keeping the status quo can save a lot of time. However, it can also incur a lot of costs. 

If a Health & Safety Manager is not always evaluating new products along with the technologies, they use they could miss out on potential savings as well as the opportunity to remove risks and eliminate accidents. 

Manufacturers are constantly developing new combinations of materials and using new manufacture techniques to improve the protection that their ranges offer.   

This increased protection has an obvious benefit of providing better safeguarding for your operatives, however it often results in products that are more durable in your workplace.

This will often lead to something we call “cost-in-use” savings where the longer lifetime outweighs the slightly increased cost in terms of an overall budget. 

Spending £3.00 every 3 weeks will eventually cost much less than £2.50 every 2 weeks.

When you multiply this saving by your workforce size the impact is much larger…. 

On the other hand, the potential savings to be made from increasing the protection your workers receive are much larger. 

Where accidents in the workplace cause injuries it can cost the employer an average of £1,400.00 per injury. 

Increased protection from new technologies could potentially save you that money, over and over again. 

Or, in the case of Stop'N'Go, the traffic light system built to clarify signalling and eliminate accidents can save you £106,000.00 incurred with a fatal accident. 

If you want to see how you can tap into these savings then get in touch with us on 01443 743398 or sign up for a free trial of Stop'N'Go here.