The 3 Main Types of Domestic Waste Collection

Mar 31 2022

The 3 Main Types of Domestic Waste Collection

There are 3 main types of domestic waste collection. These are: bag collection, kerbside sorting, and bin collection. 

Within local authorities, bin collection is the most common type of waste collection. However, kerbside sorting and bag collection are also examples of a domestic collection service. 

Operatives who run domestic waste collection rounds need hand protection that provides protection from different types of waste ranging from household waste, mixed waste, recyclable waste, bulky items, and garden waste, amongst others.

What Hand Protection is Required for Domestic Waste Collection?

Due to the variability of the types of waste collection involved, operatives require safety gloves that will provide them with: 

Dexterity and Flexibility

Not only does hand protection need to provide adequate safety against the risks associated with the collection of waste, but operatives will need gloves that are flexible and will allow manual dexterity. 

Year-Round Comfort

Ideally operatives want solutions that are breathable and lightweight in the summer and water resistant in the winter. They might also require thermal properties in extreme weather. 

Good Grip

Ideally the gloves should provide grip in dry and wet conditions. Operatives will often deal with bulky waste from domestic properties, so it is imperative that the gloves they use have a good grip in all conditions.

Why Choose Stop'N'Go?

We’ve designed the Stop'N'Go range to be a one-stop shop for hand protection requirements for the waste industry.  We want it to simplify choosing the right protection as well as preventing accidents, injuries and fatalities throughout the waste & recycling sector.

For operatives carrying out the collection of household waste we would suggest looking at these gloves:

GO-X B Palm Coated Handling Glove – Offering a superior grip that works equally well in wet and dry conditions. This glove is flexible and offers great dexterity and breathability.  Ideal for the summer months.

GO-X B Fully Coated Handling Glove – Combining the dexterity and wet grip properties of the GO-X B Palm glove with water resistance this glove is ideal for the wet winter months we get in the UK.

GO-N 1 Palm Coated Handling Glove – Our best summer glove.  This model provides a lightweight and comfortable solution for operatives who need a durable solution in the summer months.

GO-XT D Fully Coated Thermal Cut Resistant Handling Glove – Our latest addition to the range.  This glove offers users excellent grip; water resistance, cut protection and thermal insulation.  Designed specifically for waste collectors during the cold winter mornings and evenings.

If you want to trial any of these solutions and see for yourself the increase in signal visibility, reduction in accidents, and improvement in protection, then fill out our Sample Request Form below and we’ll get in touch to set up a workplace trial for you.