Waste Industry Pre-Sort Application

Jan 31 2022 | Obe

Organisations who operate picking lines as part of a materials reclamation operation face a vast range of risks and must consider a lot when choosing protective equipment for their employees.

This is especially true for the “pre-sort” department. 

Pre-sort areas/teams are where waste is originally received as part of the reclamation processes operated.  It is where initial separation is performed before more sophisticated or accurate sorting can happen.

It’s primary purpose in a recycling operation is to remove and discard items/materials that cannot be recycled or processed, often this also means that the objects are also hazardous or present some unique risk

These teams need their gloves to: 

  • Provide robust protection from mechanical risks such as cut, puncture and abrasion. 
  • Be durable and hard-wearing.
  • Be water resistant - A lot of pre-sort areas are in semi-covered areas so workers are often partially exposed to the elements, if this is not the case then the area may also have a sprinkler to lower dust levels in the facility.  Also, a lot of the materials handled in pre-sort are wet.
  • Have basic resistance to oils and low risk chemicals. 

Our favourite glove for these areas and tasks is the GO-N D Fully Coated Cut Resistant Handling Glove.  This glove offers users the best in protection from mechanical risks, water resistance, light resistance to oils and chemicals, durability and excellent grip. 

If you want to trial this glove then give us a shout on 01443 743398 or email us at enquiries@stop-n-go.co.uk. Alternatively, you can fill out our Sample Request Form and we’ll get in touch to set up a trial on your site.