Why Does Poor Protection Matter?

Jan 21 2022

When an operative is provided with personal protective equipment that is inadequate, or that provides poor protection, there can be several outcomes for an organization. 

They can affect the company and the individual; but they can also affect other individuals within the organisation. 

Along with the physical and mental health implications for an employee who is involved in an accident as a result of poor personal protective equipment, there will also be financial implications. 

The outcomes for a company or organisation can be very costly. Protecting your employees is not just a legal requirement. Effective protection against exposure to hazards is important for the welfare and safety of your staff.

Failure to provide adequate levels of protection will not only lead to inadequate safety standards for your staff, but can also lead to financial burdens. 

Firstly, there is the down-time incurred when an accident happens due to poor safety standards. Whole teams can be taken out of action for longer than anticipated periods. 

Then there are the costs of reacting to and resolving the accident. This can include insurance premiums and healthcare costs. 

Besides this, there is a significant impact on any team affected by the accident and morale. Not only will the worker exposure affect the individual involved, any employee who is witness to an accident at work is likely to experience symptoms of stress.

Similarly, employees can be expected to feel concerns over their own risk of exposure, fears for their own personal safety, and look for management to increase safety requirements within the workplace.

After the initial impacts have been felt managers and team leaders will then have their time further taken up by reviews and resolving issues brought to light. Quite often this can involve dealing with representatives from governmental authorities such as the HSE (Health and Safety Executive).

Most significantly for any organisation are the legal outcomes. Being involved in any court case or proceeding (even if proven innocent or not at fault) is time-consuming, costly and damages the entities public image/perception.

It is always quicker and less time-consuming to simply ensure that the workers have adequate high-quality protective equipment in the first place against safety hazards.

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