What Makes Us Special?

Jan 14 2022

The hand protection market is a vast range of products, standards, and options.   

For many end-users and distributors, it can be very confusing.  Suppliers can differentiate themselves by knowing their product selection and catalogue really well and identifying the products that will work well for their customers.

What Makes Stop'N'Go Special?

Our background in the safety market meant that when we developed and created the Stop'N'Go range we designed it to be easy to specify.  We wanted health & safety personnel and more importantly our network of distributors to be able to introduce and implement the range where it works best.

We figure this will allow companies to easily improve their site and operational safety and distributors to build value and help their clients.

In addition to the transformation of vehicle guiding/signalling Stop'N'Go is a complete protective package designed to be comfortable to wear and use.

Waste Collection

All the gloves offer protection from mechanical risks (abrasions, cuts, tears and/or punctures).  This is certified under EN 388:2016 and covers all eventualities from low risk/occasional handling through to high cut or puncture risk. 

We also have a glove certified to EN 511 in the range for the ultimate cold protection for operatives working day-long in challenging cold conditions.

The Stop'N'Go Design Process

A key part of the design process for us was developing something that offers users excellent grip at all times. For companies in the waste sector this is especially important in wet conditions.  We tested a variety of different options before settling on the excellent crinkle latex finish.  

The crinkle (or gristle) finish given to our range of latex coated gloves gives the gloves with a variety of textured contact points where users can securely take hold of slippery materials.

We also offer nitrile coated options that provide the legendary durability and toughness that comes with nitrile throughout the safety sector.  We have included a sandy nitrile product that also provides excellent grip to the users.

We’re confident that when our distributors recommend Stop'N'Go or when Health & Safety Managers approve and specify it, they’ll be taking strides towards a safer workplace and operation as well as creating long-term added value to a relationship they’ll be building with their client stakeholders.

Find out for yourselves today by requesting some samples!!