WE RECOMMEND: Kerbside Sorting

Dec 10 2021

Kerbside sorting is a waste collection system chosen by organisations who want to increase the efficiency of their waste recycling operations whilst minimising confusion for householders. 

When we first designed the Stop'N'Go range we were working with a client on their kerbside sorting operations. 

They had several requirements for their gloves: 

  • They needed excellent grip for picking up and handling the pieces of waste to be sorted.  This grip needs to remain during the wet winter months.
  • They need protection from cut, abrasion and puncture risks present in the waste boxes and waste to be sorted.
  • Waterproofness is really important to users undertaking kerbside sorting, the back of their hand is often exposed to the heavens and can get very very wet.  
  • Providing waterproof gloves has to be balanced with providing products that are flexible and allow reasonable dexterity
  • For many organisations a durable and long-lasting glove is also preferable so that they can make budget savings. 

Our range of gloves is designed with the waste collection sector specifically in mind and some of the first trials we ran were on contracts with kerbside sorting place. 

We recommend trialling one or some of the following models: 
The GO-X D Palm Coated Glove – Excellent flexibility, dexterity and tactility combined with an excellent grip and long-lasting high risk protective performance. 
The GO-X D Fully Coated Glove – This model adds an extra layer of waterproof protection to the GO-X D Palm glove. 
The GO-N D Fully Coated Glove – For users that want the flexibility, performance, protection and comfort of the GO-X D gloves but want to avoid using latex coatings.  This glove has a sandy nitrile outer dip to provide the hard-wearing nitrile coating with excellent grip in wet conditions. 
The GO-XT D Thermal Fully Coated Glove – Our latest addition to the range.  This glove literally offers it all!!  Outstanding grip, durable protection and day-long thermal comfort. 

On some of the trials we’ve run with customers who operate kerbside sorting rounds we’ve more than doubled the duration of gloves in the workplace. 

If you want to arrange a trial then get in touch with us today or fill out our Sample Request Form