WE RECOMMEND: Bag Collection Rounds

Dec 3 2021

A lot of the users of the Stop'N'Go range are operatives on municipal waste collection rounds who spend their days collecting and handling waste bags.

Bag collections pose a specific set of requirements for the gloves that the operatives need to safely carry out their job(s).

  • They need to have gloves that will offer protection from the various cut, abrasion and puncture risks that could be present in the bags they are handling.
  • They also need to have a high level of dexterity in order to be able to pick up the bags and handle them.
  • The coating on the gloves needs to be durable and resistant to water and any fluids that may be present on the bag (or leaked through).
  • The gloves need to have good grip, especially during wet weather. 

The gloves from the Stop'N'Go range that we recommend for bag collections are:

  • The GO-X D Palm Coated Cut Resistant Glove – This glove offers excellent cut protection along with proven durability in municipal collection trials.  In some trials we’ve more than doubled wear times for our customers.  The crinkle latex coating offers excellent grip in wet and dry conditions and the open weave back ensures it is breathable and comfortable at all times.
  • The GO-X D Fully Coated Cut Resistant Glove – Offering the same durability, grip and cut resistance as the GO-X D Palm this model is also completely waterproof and is excellent for the winter months or tasks that involve handling wet materials.
  • The GO-XT D Fully Coated Thermal Cut Resistant Glove – This is the latest glove to be added to our range and is providing to be very popular with local authorities and their collection teams.  These gloves offer the same benefits as our GO-X D Full model with added thermal protection.  It is certified to the standard for thermal protection (EN511) and can be used in conditions of down to -30 degrees with high exertion tasks. 

If you want to arrange a trial of any of these gloves then get in touch with us on 01443 743398 or enquiries@stop-n-go.co.uk.  Alternatively you pop your details in our Request Samples Form and we’ll be in touch to arrange them as soon as possible.