Stop'N'Go's CUTTING Edge Technologies

Nov 26 2021

Choosing the liner that a glove is made of is an important part of the design and manufacture process for any hand protection.  It determines the level of comfort and protection that users will get when they use the gloves. 
That’s why we take choosing our liners very seriously. 


In our current range of gloves we use 3 different liners: 

For our handling low risk gloves, we use a 10-gauge polyester liner.  This is used in our GO-X B and GO-N 1 gloves.   
The polyester liner offers excellent breathability and durability.  As well as this it also provides excellent tactility and dexterity.   In simple terms our handling gloves have liners that are cost-efficient and comfortable as well as providing the user with the ability to retain a high level of “feel” and “movement”. 

HPPE is a term that a lot of manufacturers use when talking about their gloves.  HPPE stands for High Performance Polyethylene.  It is a strengthened fibre made from the plastic compound polyethylene.   HPPE offers users excellent protective strength as well as a high level of dexterity.  This is ideal for kerbside sorting or other activities with high cut risks where users require manoeuvrability and protection.   We use the HPPE liner in our GO-X D and GO-N D gloves  

HPPE with Brushed Terry Cloth 
For our thermal GO-XT D glove we use the HPPE liner used on our other cut resistant models as well as a brushed terry cloth lining to provide thermal protection to the users.  This liner is our latest innovation and we’d love for you to trial it out as we move in to the winter months 

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