Getting a Grip with Stop'N'Go

Nov 9 2021

The Stop'N'Go range is designed to help you clear up communication in your operations, whether that be on site or out on your collection rounds. 

However, we know that for them to be effectively used they must provide relevant protection and functionality for our customers workplaces. 

Crinkle latex wet grip gloves

We’ve covered the protection with our range’s compliance to EN 388: 216 and BS EN 21420. 

What about functionality? 

One of the most important elements to a glove model’s functionality is the grip that it’s coating provides. 

In our range we have 3 different coatings. 

Crinkle Latex 
This is the first coating we developed.  Chosen for its superior flexibility and comfort.  The crinkle latex coating provides lasting water resistance.  The rough crinkled finish to the palm provides superior wet and dry grip on a wide variety of surfaces. 

This coating is featured in the GO-X B Palm, GO-X B Full; GO-X D Palm, GO-X D Full and GO-XT D Full Gloves.
Smooth Nitrile 
Next, we developed the smooth nitrile finish.  This was created in response to customers asking for latex free models.  The nitrile coating provides users with durability and heavy-duty protection.  Nitrile also offers users excellent water resistance over long periods of use. 

This coating is featured in the GO-N 1 Palm and GO-N D Palm Gloves.
Sandy Nitrile 
We wanted to improve the grip provided by our nitrile models.  So, we created the sandy nitrile finish.  This finish is really the best of all worlds when it comes to glove coatings.  It provides durability, grip, water resistance and long-lasting protection. 

This coating is featured in the GO-N D Full Glove.
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