Sep 3 2021


Why did we choose the RED and GREEN colours for our product range?

The obvious answer is because we wanted to make signalling clearer for drivers so that they can understand more easily and follow the commands they are being given. But there’s a bit more behind it than just that.

RED and GREEN are universally recognised as the 2 main colours for traffic control in our highways/road system both throughout this country and also the rest of the world.

That means that it's very easy and intuitive for drivers to recognise RED as STOP and GREEN as GO.

Of course, the STOP signal is the most important. That’s the one that when it isn’t followed will cause the worst outcomes… at best an incident and at worst a fatal accident.

RED is a colour that universally means danger, it’s used in popular culture, art and everyday signs to warn, alert us and draw our attention. It also doesn’t often occur naturally, it’s very hard to confuse a RED sign with a blue sky or green landscape.

GREEN is for many indicative of action and movement. It’s also commonly associated with safety.

But besides our common associations with these colours, there’s also a scientific reason why they work so well in signalling. RED and GREEN have the longest wavelengths of all the colours visible to the human eye.

Simply put, this means that you can see them from further away than other colours. It is also no coincidence that RED has the longest wavelength, it is the easiest colour to see at distance.

There you go… that’s why RED and GREEN are the best colours to make communications and signals clearer. Put our theories and science to the test and request a sample pack of the Stop’N’Go gloves to trial in your workplace today.