The Stop'N'Go Story

Sep 1 2021

The Stop'N'Go Story

We believe that protective products should be created for users by safety professionals and with care.

User feedback and the involvement of safety professionals is something we feel strongly about because it was so important in creating the Stop'N'Go brand in the first place.

We created Stop'N'Go with a health & safety manager of a municipal waste collector for one of their kerbside collection contracts.

It was something that had been bothering us all for quite a while…

How could we make reversing manoeuvres whilst out on collection rounds safer?? What went wrong that was the cause of misunderstanding and near-misses, incidents and accidents?

By collaborating with our contacts in the waste industry we found what we thought might be the answer (we were right!!)... we wanted to make signalling clearer so that the driver could clearly differentiate between the STOP and GO signals used throughout the industry.

We wanted to clear up communication.


We experimented with a few different ideas… one of them sewing lights into weatherproof jackets…

Finally, we landed on colouring the palm of the gloves used by reversing assistant/banksman RED and the back GREEN.

Simple huh??

After running limited production samples we performed trials throughout a municipal waste collector on both their kerbside sorting and bag collection rounds.

The trials proved to be a success, visibility was improved, not only that the users loved the gloves. Then we thought… where else can this be used?

That’s why we’re now launching the Stop'N'Go range to the waste, construction and civils sectors, we think that it’ll provide real value in your operations.  In fact, we don’t just think that it’ll provide value we know it will.

That’s the joy of working with safety professionals to create your products.