The Statistics Behind Stop'N'Go

Sep 3 2021

The Statistics Behind Stop'N'Go

We talk a lot about how frustration drove us to create the Stop'N'Go brand. But what were we frustrated with and why?

To answer simply, we were frustrated because we didn't have a product or solution that we could provide to our customer's that could help avoid vehicle accidents, especially when the vehicles were manoeuvring in tight spaces or reversing.

But Why?

Accidents and incidents involving vehicles is a huge problem across industries in the UK, but especially in the waste sector.

30% of all fatal injuries in the waste sector involve being struck by a moving vehicle with 24% of fatalities across all industries having the same cause…

In the last 5 years, the waste sector has recorded the second largest fatality rate so we felt the problem needed solving urgently.

So that’s why we started looking for something that would make these manoeuvres safer.

During our research and product development, we found out that poor visibility was the number 1 reason that reversing accidents occurred. So we needed to make things clearer.

Specifically, we needed to make communication clearer. This became our purpose and passion: To Improve Communication and Stop'N'Go was born.

And now we want to make your communication clearer. We’d love to provide you with a sample pack of one of our gloves to trial in your operations so that you can see the benefit of using the Stop'N'Go range. You can request yours here: